Max Comess spamming Arona until proven innocent... (was... Re: IA/AI, soft vs. hard take off.)

From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 07:21:49 MDT

Quoting Max Comess (randomly)....

>>KaZaa generates plenty of new subscribers all the time, and probably many of them will join Altnet.

What has KaZaa got to do with SIAI ?

>> None of the magic can happen if the PFlops aren't there to run the AI/IA.

Duh.... PFlops aren't 'really' the issue, RAM bandwidth is... And even if they were (the whole issue), you still said 'nothing' in that sentence.
Like yeah, maybe, nobody thought of it before *laughing*....What are you doing about it ?

>>Essentially we have to take all these dumb AI and IA programs that run relatively slow at a few GFlops on individual
>>computers, and combine them and run them at ~PFlops on one massive
>>distributed computer.

Combine them ? *WTF !* Agrrrh, you sound like a .Net zealot now....
What good is a HUGE 'combined' stupid piece of software for ?
How are you involved with distributed computing, p2p technologies etc..?
What technologies are you helping develop or did you help design/develop/implement ?
Hardware ? Software ? Just what do you do ? Which planet are you on ?

PS: I feel like you're spamming me... I shall stand corrected if correction is needed. *smile*

The enthusiastic tone of your mail (by contrast with the actual content) makes you SOUND LIKE a bloody Jehovah Witness to me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
And me who thought Spam was over on the Sl4 list *Arona rolls his eyes 2 or 3 times, remembering that geezer with his MindForth Tic-Tac-Toe 'real' AI project*

PS2: You had that one coming for a week already. Last few weeks were 'nice Arona' weeks. It's over... go away...

PS3: You could even be a bot, after all... That would explain it all.... *serious*

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