Re: Egan dismisses Singularity, maybe

From: Evan Reese (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 06:34:52 MDT

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Subject: Re: Egan dismisses Singularity, maybe

> mike99 wrote:
> > A human IQ equivalent of, say, 200
> > may be great and wonderful. But where are the IQ 2000 intellects? Does
> > believe that a) such a level is unattainable, or b) faster thinking
> > greater intelligence
> Even if he believes "a" or "b", there's also c) it's impossible to
> in detail the actions of someone literally ten or twenty times more
> intelligent than yourself. Such entities cannot really come onstage in a
> work of fiction.

That's true; but he doesn't even refer to them as being off stage. I think
that's the issue.

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