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Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 17:59:39 MDT

I am pleased to announce that the Journal of Evolution and Technology has
just published an article by Robert A. Freitas Jr. and Christopher J.
Phoenix entitled, "Vasculoid: A Personal Nanomedical Appliance to Replace
Human Blood." I have included the abstract and link below. I would like to
remind everyone that the Journal and our new enzine "Transhumanity"
( are always looking for quality submissions.


"Vasculoid: A Personal Nanomedical Appliance to Replace Human Blood"

The vasculoid is a single, complex, multisegmented nanotechnological medical
robotic system capable of duplicating all essential thermal and biochemical
transport functions of the blood, including circulation of respiratory
gases, glucose, hormones, cytokines, waste products, and cellular
components. This nanorobotic system, a very aggressive and physiologically
intrusive macroscale nanomedical device comprised of ~500 trillion stored or
active individual nanorobots, weighs ~2 kg and consumes from 30-200 watts of
power in the basic human model, depending on activity level. The vasculoid
system conforms to the shape of existing blood vessels and serves as a
complete replacement for natural blood. This paper presents a preliminary
theoretical scaling analysis including transport capacity, thermal
conduction, control and biocompatibility considerations, along with a
hypothetical installation scenario and a description of some useful optional
equipment. A discussion of repair procedures and various applications of
the personal vasculoid appliance is deferred to subsequent papers.

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