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Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 15:53:24 MDT

[BJKLEIN:] In response to Eugen Leitl,

>It's not a webpage. It's a closed forum. In fact so closed that
>gives just 8 hits. Along with an adword for "singularity" plugging

[BJKLEIN:] lol, I thought 8 hits was rather good, I've only started to
focus on the Singularity since last month after MA helped open my mind
to the possibility.

>290+Members Fiding A Cure For Death

[BJKLEIN:] I have had good success in finding like minded members from
the goggle ads.

>Oh, I see "cryonics" is his adword too.

[BJKLEIN:] Well, I appreciate your interest... I don't profess my site
to be strictly a Singulatarian site... It's for people who don't want to
die, hence "Home To Immortals"

A strong point of the forum is that it gives anyone with a desire to
learn a place to get together. We talk about Cryonics, and we also talk
about Nanotech, Biotech, AI, Space, Health & Wellness and more. The
good thing about forums is that they can be as broad as need be... while
allowing segments to be moderated more closely... i.e. the "Advanced
Singularity Group" This area is for those individuals who have a firm
grasp of Singularity ideas. Here they can post ideas for pier review.
So, I myself will probably not post in that forum until I complete a few
more months of research.

>The point is that as is not a Singularity site but a black
>hole site. As it is, centralizes content and hides it.
>There was a problem
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>I'm not sure Bruce realizes what he is doing, or whether he realizes it
>very well and this is deliberate. Easy enough to set it straight,
>just tell us.

[BJKLEIN:] Sure I'd be happy to explain what I'm doing with, It's a joy... This forum is by no means a finished product.
If you have suggestions for improvement, I'm open to all ideas. I have
set the forum up for members only because I feel it's a small price to
pay the gain access.

Just as one has to "subscribe" to the sl4 mailing list, a member that
"Registers" for will gain access to the forum and be
subscribed to the bimonthly newsletter. Registration takes about two
minutes. And if need be, one can unsubscribe easily.

Best Regards,
Bruce J. Klein

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