Re: Four Years Later.

From: James Pearn (
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 04:22:06 MDT


I don't get your problem with the explosion of forums, and in particular
Mr.B.J.Klein's. Surely Eliezer is right, in this case. The more activity in
the singularity community the better. Perhaps you're suffering a touch of
jealousy that you didn't create your own forum first?

My only critical observation on this forum explosion, however, is that it
seems to be all forums and no actual technology development. All talk and no
trousers. The people who will really make the singularity happen are the
likes of Christof Koch and Kwabena Boahen who are slaving away to build
aVLSI silicon neurons. When was the last time they ever posted to a
discussion group such as this one or Klein's? Never, they're too busy doing
the real work.

I am still extremely sceptical that A.I. is a software problem. I think this
is what leads you and I agree that Eliezer's and disciple's work is not
going to lead anywhere. The computer is not going to suddenly wake up and
say something like, "My name is... Slim Shady". But that's another thread...


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