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From: jg nlb (comptelist@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 02:57:48 MDT


maybe one point about my actual level of perception of the singularity.
(i'm quite unfamiliar whith the word, about one month or so).

I've checked the word cryogeny in the archive and as i did not find it i
assumed i can go on :

- should the "governments" of the economically advanced countries start to
talk about cryogeny for everybody ?

- bare calculation : neuro suspension (100 "heads" per cube meter) doesn't
require that much space. The whole french population could be "stored" in
buildings on a one square mile area (of course that would be safer to
scatter it on different places). Anyhow, that is "only" about say 1/2 a
million "pieces" a year. Concerning cost, if i refer to web sites, it can
amount to say 10 000 $ per person, that is for France about 5 billons $ a
year more or less, maybe less.

i understand it is kind of off topic in this list, where it's more AI phD
works. But as it is stated by the name of the list "shock", when a larger
part of the population will start to understand what's at stake it would
wise to start thinking about the sociological, political, etc sides of it.

I also understand it's not that simple, (evolutionary psychology, etc...)

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