Hopfield networks as a model of memory?

From: Ben Houston (ben@exocortex.org)
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 17:23:12 MDT

Eliezer and I discussed how neural networks could "recognize" a
previously learned stimulus. We both sort of agreed that "resonance"
was a commonly proposed description for this computation but we sort of
left it there without getting any more specific. Anyways, I writing up
an assignment for a 4th year AI class and I came across Hopfield
networks -- I would suggest that these networks are probably pretty
decent models, in the abstract sense, of how our neural networks
recognize objects.

I must admit that I only have the chapter on "Associative Memory" from
the fairly standard text "Intro to The Theory of Neural Computation" to
work from at the moment.

What is the standard opinion in more learned circles about this neural
network's similarity to the biological processes?


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