A few random questions/comments clarifications of view point.

From: Will Pearson (w.pearson@mail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 05:13:36 MDT

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A quote from staring into the singularity.

Don't go Utopian.

Another quote

I'm not saying that there isn't fun in this life. There is. But any amount of sorrow is unacceptable.

This implies that there won't be any suffering and death after the singularity. Which I view as a Utopian view. I have definately got the impression that you believe that death will cease after the singularity.

Is there any where on the web a visual view of the structure of the seed ai, it is very close to some of my ideas, and I tend to impose some of the things that I am thinking about into the seed AI.

Quick statement about the difference between AI and IA. An IA system's goal is to please the user. An AI has a preprogrammed goal be it friendly or otherwise. IA can be seen as a specific variant of AI so the technologies are very similar.

I see IA systems possibly being embeded in humans with good communication links between individuals and this with genetic alterations to stop the individuals being selfish, becoming an SI.

I think that is the bare bones of what I believe will happen.

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