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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 - 19:16:27 MDT

Ben Houston wrote:
> I enjoyed Deacon's stuff as well. :-) I choose to review Deacon's book,
> M Donald's "Origins of the Modern Mind" and W Calvin's "How the Brain
> Things" for one of my core cognitive sciences courses back in early
> 2000. Although, I found Deacon's work was worthwhile and interesting I
> found I preferred Donald's work.

What'd you think of my alternate formulation for Deacon's "awkward step"
using DGI's levels of organization and functional decomposition instead of
the iconic-indexical-symbolic model Deacon was stuck with?

> Interesting. :-) I've never had many problems with understanding the
> neural substrates of the phenomena of "internal narrative." I guess I
> has just assumed that it was realized by the same systems that were
> responsible for the phonological loop and normal linguistic output with
> the exception of the [phonological-code to motor-plan] and [motor-plan
> to movement] "modules". (I am just regurgitating the seminal Levelt
> framework.)

I'm not just talking about hearing the words "I want ice cream" in your
head; when I talk about the internal narrative I mean the internal narrative
as one manifestation of the deliberation process - I'm talking about
actually wanting ice cream and how that gives rise to the concept structure
"I want ice cream" and what the concept structure does internally aside from
echoing linguistically in the auditory cortex. That's what I mean when I
say that auditory working memory may observe the internal narrative but does
not implement it.

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