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> There are several flaws in the above thinking.
> (1) most of the atomic bombs are already mounted
> on rockets. What makes you think they won't follow
> you to other planets?
> (2) the materials of which the Earth is composed
> aren't 'used up'. Aside from the small amount
> converted in nuclear reaction, atoms are forever.
> I like to think of landfills as future resource
> mines we haven't figured out how to use effectively
> yet, kind of like mineral reserves that are not
> economic to mine at the present time.
> (3) even the most heavily polluted places on
> Earth are easier to colonize than any planet.
> Take a good look at the Moon. Nature bombed it
> for 500 million years, there's no atmosphere or
> biological materials, and has a higher radiation
> environment than downtown Hiroshima the day after
> we bombed it.
> (4) The Earth isn't a closed system from an energy
> standpoint, so we can't 'run out' of that either,
> at least until the Sun dies.

Thanks for writing this. Call it a character flaw if you like, But I don't
have the patience to respond to this stuff.
> then because
> > the sun
> > will burn up (or explode) in the end.
Actually, we already know how to extend the sun's life another 40 or 50
billion years or so. Just mix the core - most of whose hydrogen remains
unburned when the Helium cycle begins if left to itself. By that time - if
we want to - we should be able to work out the engineering details.

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