RE: PAPER: Levels of Organization in General Intelligence

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Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 04:52:19 MDT

Actually, that link I gave below wasn't the one I thought it was. An
earlier incarnation of the GRAPE project featured a 4 machine cluster
than used standard PC's with a custom add-in board. Although I believe
for that configuration it only got 1 teraflop. The new stuff is much
better but it seems that it's more than just an add-in board now...

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> Eugen Leitl asked:
> > I had the impression that field was dominated by COTS machines (at
> > most sales for COTS machines come from there). I'm not aware of any
> > current dedicated hardware for pharma screening, could you give us a
> > pointers?
> Well for computer aided drug design where QM/MM is central there is an
> add-in board for a high-end PC that can deliver 100 teraflops when
used in
> a 4 machine MMD cluster. Here's some info about it from IBM:
> -ben

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