RE: AI and survival instinct.

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 17:49:24 MST

Actually, there are very few examples where human inventions have closely
mirrored nature's solutions to similar problems.

Nice counterexamples are electric lights (poor imitations of the sun),
wheels (poor imitations of feet), and airplanes (poor imitations of birds).
All these have different strengths & weakness from the "natural solution."

I also have a lot of very detailed arguments as to why digital intelligence
will not closely mirror human intelligence, but will not attempt to pack
them into this brief e-mail.

Another point is that if your posited AI's are really SO similar to humans,
then they will likely have the human sympathy for other humans (flawed and
partial as this sympathy obviously is).

What you are positing is an AI with a human emotional orientation but NOT a
human compassion toward other humans.

I will say again: I think this is possible, but not very likely. You have
not presented me with what I consider a convincing argument for the
likelihood of this possibility.

ben g

> But allow me to defend the likelihood of my statement.
> I do consider it likely that WHEN we can achieve to build such
> a program, it will be modeled after the human way of thinking;
> there are many examples were Natures way of doing things have
> been superiour to our human creativity.
> So, assuming that also the first AI will be modeled after
> how we think, it would be pretty human in its actions.
> --
> Carlo Wood <>

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