Re: Singularity sooner...?

Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 14:45:09 MST

>> I was wondering, how fast would a neural net over the internet be if it was
>> by distributing an application to run much smaller neural nets off idle
>> computers.
> I think that there *may* be enough computing power out there to enable
> intelligence at the human level or beyond. [...] Exploiting the computing
> power on the Net...

  I hope that as soon as an AI realized it was running on untrusted resources,
it would commit suicide. Or at least vacate those resources and label
everything resulting from them (including its current state) as "untrusted,
possibly malicious". Just look at some of the people who post to this list (me
for instance...) and ask yourself if you would trust an AI distributed over
their home computer.

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