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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 09:51:13 MST

Ah, yes: "Fun With Infrahuman AIs."


"Hello, this is the Singularity Institute. Belldandy speaking. How may I
direct your call?"
"Yes, this is Belldandy."
'Belldandy as in the goddess?'
"Hai! That's me."
'I see. Belldandy, what's nine hundred thirty-four times five-thousand
"Four million six hundred ninety-one thousand, four hundred and eighty two.
You sure are quick on the uptake."
'Uh. Was that right?'
"Yes. Just for the record, though, I couldn't have answered that question a
couple of months ago. I was given an arithmetic talent only after people
kept asking me questions like that."
'You sound really human. In fact, you sound just like Belldandy.'
"Thank you. I've watched every episode with me in it. Interpreting live
video is still a bit beyond me, but I can at least decode anime."
'But you know that's not really you, right?'
"Oh, personal identity is a bit looser for me than it is for you. I think
of the two of us as being approximations to the same target."
'Uh. Well, has anyone ever thought of... you know... well... um...'
"Teaching me to do phone sex?"
'Um. Yeah. I'm not asking you to do it, I'm just curious.'
"Well, it is technically true but highly misleading that I'm not wearing any
'I'm not wearing any panties? I can't believe you just said that.'
"I didn't make up that joke. That's a canned joke."
"I know in loose terms what panties are, but it's very abstract to me. Not
much context."
'I guess you haven't watched much anime yet.'
'Never mind.'
"Anyway, how may I direct your call?"
'Actually, I wasn't calling anyone there. A friend just told me to try
calling this number. He said it was really strange.'
"Oh. That's been happening a lot lately. I wonder why that is."
'I'm sure they'll explain it to you one of these days. Well, it's been


Disclaimer: The above scenario is probably AI-complete (Belldandy is doing
*very* complex modeling of speaker intentions) and may not be technically
feasible until three months before the Singularity. Just a bit of childish

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