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> One peripheral comment: To me, the term "The Spike" just doesn't have the
> *zing* of the term "The Singularity." The "Singularity" term has a lot of
> poetry to it: there are many overlapping meanings in there. There's the
> mathematical meaning, which is only semi-appropriate; but then there's
> the meaning of "Singular" as in "unique/unusual"... and more.... Plus, my
> mind being as twisted as it is, the term "spike" always reminds me of the
> Lou Reed song Heroin...
> When I put that spike into my vein
> Well I tell ya, things aren't quite the same...
> \;-p
> I predict the "Spike" term will not catch on. However, I certainly hope
> book does; it deserves to!!!

I have to agree with this. The term, unfortunately, gave Norman Spinrad the
opportunity to make a similar comment in his rather unflattering review of
'The Spike'. I wonder if anyone was turned off from the book by that
parting shot? Since the term 'singularity' was already in circulation, I
don't understand why Damien just didn't call the book 'The Singularity'.

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