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From: gabriel C (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 22:18:29 MST

>I find it hard to imagine ANY possible combination of words any being could
>say to me that would make me go against anything I had really strongly
>resolved to believe in advance.

Nathan: welcome to the list. Read all the archives, don't just peruse.
you'll see that we flogged this topic to death, resurrected it, and beat it
to death again. Rinse, repeat. The conclusion is, "We can't protect against
'magic' (sufficiently advanced superintelligently designed tech), so there's
no use arguing about it. As Eliezer says, "we have to make sure it comes out
friendly the first time".

Other alternatives: let bad (read: militarily employed, perhaps obsessed
like the fellow who created biological warfare) scientists develop military
nanotech. Game over. Or,

Singularity doesn't happen, nano doesn't happen, we just bomb each other
into oblivion, everyone dies.


As i said, welcome to the list. We welcome your future input.


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