(fwd) (Long) Ethical Development (WAS: Ethical Basics)

From: Durant Schoon (durant@ilm.com)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 16:58:38 MST

Eliezer says my following message didn't make it to the list
(one reason was that it was over 40K). I'm just including the
URL and not the actual text this time:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to completly catch up before posting, but I just finished
reading sl4 though January and have 279 more messages to read. I
can't keep waiting!

I wanted to post this web page:


To assist in our discussion of Ethics and The Singularity. I'll
just post it for now, catch up, and reply to any discussion this
generates (I found this interesting and it may be useful to us.
There is even a critique of Kohlberg's work at the end.).

I suggest reading through "Heinz Steals the Drug" and maybe
Kohlberg's first stage before deciding to give up on this article.
I was hooked at that point and read the whole thing.

This might be elementary for some people, but hopefully
illuminating for most. I'm eager to hear of more recent
theories, data, etc. on this topic and how knowledge of
ethical development can be used to help navigate people
toward a positive Singularity experience.

Now back to sl4 for me...

Durant Schoon

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