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Yes, Damien, you're welcome. And you're certainly correct about Vinge: I
neglected to include the all-important qualifying word "book" in my original

Isn't it strange that Prof. Vinge never wrote a non-fiction book about the
Singularity or even about strong-AI? Perhaps he didn't write at length about
the former topic because, as he has said more than once, he believes that
the Singularity is a barrier as impenetrable to foreknowledge as a black
hole. But I am still surprised that he has written so little about
strong-AI, except for a few essays that suggest various ways it may come
about and hint that it could even exist within the Net long before we
recognize its presence.

Michael LaTorra

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At 06:40 PM 3/6/02 -0700, Michael LaTorra wrote:

>So far as I know, Damien is the only person to date who has dealt with the
>Singularity in both fiction and non-fiction.

Well, the Great Originator, Vernor Vinge, was there very early with several
important non-fiction essays on the Singularity. Not a book, it's true.

Thanx for the friendly comments, Michael.

Damien Broderick

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