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Let me have the honor of mentioning Damien's fiction, particularly his
newest novel, Transcension.

I haven't read it yet (it's on my birthday wish list, as my wife knows, so I
expect a book package from to arrive before March 17!). But the
book review I read just yesterday was positively glowing

Then, too, I shouldn't end this message without pointing out Damien's
non-fiction book about the Singularity, The Spike: How Our Lives Are Being
Transformed by Rapidly Advancing Technologies, which I have read and can
recommend strongly.

So far as I know, Damien is the only person to date who has dealt with the
Singularity in both fiction and non-fiction. All that's left is for Damien
to make a hatrick is to be uploaded by a Friendly AI and then write his

Michael LaTorra

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>If you haven't read any or all of the four stories
>that Asimov's has published in the last year! that take the singularity as
>their subject you have missed some really great work. This David Stross is
>pretty impressive)

Charles (or Charlie) Stross, from Britain. A sometime-poster on the
extropian list. Very interesting writer of overcoded densely constructed
fiction. His novels are even better, and luckily someone is finally
bringing at least one of them out soon.

I'll leave it to someone else to mention my own fiction. :)

Damien Broderick

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