RE: Webmind Solutions - Was: G. Chaitin on AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 11:17:51 MST

Regarding testing and monitoring a distributed self-organizing AI system,
Michael Roy Ames wrote:

> > Your reply didn't say how you solved this problem... did you?
> Or haven't
> > you got there yet?
> We did *not* solve the problem. We had lots of interesting ideas
> about it too.

Of course, the transaction architecture is just a start, right? I'm sure we
both have plenty of detailed ideas for where to go from there.

The bottom line seems to be: No one is going to supply an off-the-shelf
testing/monitoring package suitable for distributed Real AI purposes. We
will have to build one ourselves.

And, unfortunately, building a *general* such system is much harder than
building a highly specialized such system. (Perhaps not so much harder
conceptually, but more work pragmatically.)

Hence, it seems likely that each would-be Real AI project, as it goes
distributed, will have to tackle this problem on its own!

One of the many annoying little obstacles on the path from turning sound
*ideas* about how to make Real AI into reality. (And of course, the
conception of truly sound ideas in this regard is no walk in the park

-- Ben G

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