RE: New Novamente team members sought...

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 09:40:24 MST

No cult, and not even any real madness (now that Deacon Kuhns signed off ;)
... just some eccentric overbright nerds having a good time and
competing/cooperating to create a new order of being.

You'd have to read the SL4 archives to understand the full meaning of such
things as Eliezer's "oath" e-mail. Of course, reading those archives might
be an unacceptable painful experience ;>

Eliezer has some deeply-felt and deeply-thought-out but rather extreme
attitudes about how we should approach bringing the Singularity about, on a
personal and ethical level.

Over the last year, my mild disagreement with his extreme attitudes has
provoked some fairly intense dialogues, which to me have mostly been on the
level of "chats I'd have after work over a beer .. or after a few
beers..." -- but which sometimes have revealed some interesting
philosophical points.

On the other hand, every now and then some meaningful scientific, technical
or philosophical issues pop up on the list as well.

Don't worry, I'm not actually going to slaughter my offspring or anyone
else, no need to call the cops ;->

And if there is a ritual in which Eli dresses himself in a black hooded
cape, goes out into a wheat field at midnight, arranges goats in a pentagram
and then slaughters them, while repeating the Singularitarian Oath ... well,
I haven't found out about it yet.

Of course, maybe that's just because I refused to take the oath ;>

-- Ben G

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> just what is going on here?
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