Re: Seed AI milestones (types of self-modification.)

From: ben goertzel (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 10:11:37 MST

> I am afraid that his classes are not based on such
> theoretical intuititon. If they would, perhapse he would
> have made more thoughts about whether they
> are distinct at all - the first thoughts of a theorist.
> My most important point of critics is that he
> (subconsciously or not - I don't know) makes
> the impression that he has some theoretical
> justification for it. I am basically quite sceptical,
> so I don't fall for it, but people having less
> background knowledge, would take this implicit
> message for granted

I am not going to keep defending myself against this
kind of silly accusation.

Yes, I do have some theoretical
justification for the classes I proposed, and I would
rather spend my time writing it up (or doing a lot
of other things, for that matter!!) than endlessly
defending myself for making the
true statement that I have an in-process mathemathical
formalization of the hierarchy I proposed, which however is
not yet ready for distribution. My PhD is in math
and I spent much of my career as a theorist before
turning primarily to pragmatic system design about 5
years ago.

Feel free to be skeptical; that doesn't bother me.
But the assertion that somehow I am incapable
of having a meaningful formalization of something
strikes me as a bit bizarre.

Why don't we revisit
this discussion a little later when I have written
up my ideas more fully and posted them online.

-- Ben G

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