Re: Seed AI milestones - Explicit Knowlege Codification

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 18:24:35 MST

Ben Goertzel wrote:

>>>A human baby has no inbuilt knowledge base (at least no one has
>>shown that
>>>it does), but it has inbuilt procedures such as grasping, wiggling and
>>>sucking... and many more such procedures that kick in during
>>>and these procedures are well-tuned to help it survive in the
>>>it's born into (an environment that includes responsive adult humans).
>>More importantly, it has an efficient "learning machine" built
>>in. The simpler this "learning machine" is, the more likely we
>>humans will be able to build something at least as good.
> The inbuilt learning machine is more sophisticated than the inbuilt
> reflexes, but in my view it is NOT more important. Neither can
> pragmatically succeed without the other. A general-purpose learning
> machine, if it had no inbuilt learning-friendly procedures built in, would
> take BY FAR unacceptably too long to learn anything about the world.

I wouldn't dream of excluding the learning-friendly procedures
from the learning machine. But I wouldn't call them "reflexes"
as that includes a lot (in the case of a human baby) not neeeded
for learning per se.

- samantha

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