Re: Seed AI milestones - complexity barriers

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 11:36:08 MST

Christian Szegedy <> wrote:

> There's a bareer to the complexity of a system you can build as a single
> person.

I mildly disagree with this, mainly because a person can 'learn as they go',
and the more they learn, the
more they are capable of. There is a barrier at a specific point in time,
but that barrier can be
broken. This is 'breaking the barrier' is what I am hoping a Seed AI will
be able to do.

> Different persons have different ceilings, mine is quite low.
> Teams do not really scale in that regard. A ceiling of a group is not
> dramatically higher than of a single individual, and the ceiling of a
> large group can be actually lower. This is basic software engineering
> knowledge.

I strongly disagree with this. I have seen complex software implementations
created by groups that would
have been impossible to create by any individual within that group. We all
bring our own experiences and
expertise to the group, and combined they are *at least* additive, maybe
more. Of course, you have to have a cooperative group, and a good plan...
but that kind of goes without saying.

Michael Roy Ames

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