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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 17:20:41 MST

One quibble:

> Mr. Yudkowsky asserts that it is possible to create software without
> any of the kinds of flaws exploited by hackers. The truth today is that
> this level of security is difficult to produce, and even more difficult
> to verify in the perpetual cat-and-mouse game between human
> programmers and human hackers. But a superintelligence could theoretically
> produce a cleanly secure system that could not be perverted or
> hacked into by any mind, even if the attacker were vastly more intelligent
> than this system.

I do not assert this. I note that there is a still-open question as to
whether a superintelligence can be hacked into by a better superintelligence,
or whether hackable flaws preventable by a bounded but transhuman amount of

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