Re: Meta: Re: SL4's first chat

From: Alden Jurling (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 23:23:17 MST

I think one thing that made a big difference, was that she was not acting like she already knew all (or anything) about it. It was just someone who wanted to know what this was all about. Being ignorant is not a crime, and if your nice about it alot of people don't mind taking a little bit of time to explain something to someone who is new to the topic.

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002 00:42:57 -0500
Gordon Worley <> wrote:

> On Sunday, February 10, 2002, at 12:10 AM, Alan Grimes wrote:

> Well, for one I asked everyone to be nice to Sarah. Secondly, she
> didn't get to asking anything that we have spent ample time explaining.
> You are not the first person to ask these questions, but when we
> personally have spent a lot of time answering them already, it's pretty
> annoying when you don't just go RTFM. Most of us don't answer super
> basic questions all that often or with that much effort, so it's not all
> that annoying. Oh, yeah, and I wanted everyone to be nice. :-)

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