Re: Meta: Re: SL4's first chat

From: Alan Grimes (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 22:10:28 MST

I feel obliged to answer this to an extent.

Josh Yotty wrote:
> (with the exception of having to respond to Alan Grimes,
> which wasted a *lot* of time.

The most reliable way of getting rid of me is sending me to an
interesting URL. It gets me out of your hair and when I come back, I'm
better informed.

This is probably the first list/group I have been on where one can be
both on-topic and a waste of time. A totally uninitiated person came in
and was given a lot of assistance. Then I come on with questions based
on a fairly broad understanding of things and I get hammered as being as
clueless as Eliezer is egotistical...

I suppose what annoyed people the most was my failure to accept
Eliezer's writings as gospel and my interest in hard detail regarding
how things would actually work.

just because there is a certain upper bound on the takeoff of "seed AI"
doesn't at all mean that it would actually achieve that. Infact, there
are a dozen or so reasons why it wouldn't.

> It was nice to see his torch extinguished;
> I just hope he won't pop up on talk shows. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)).

That is not strictly impossible, but not at all probable...
I would say the same about kurzweil. ;)


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