Re: Sysop hacking

From: Max (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 15:27:03 MST

It seems likely that, once SI's begin to form, that the sysop will take on a
more open source type form. I would suggest that the sysop would be
something that could be created and maintained by many SI's, after all, any
sentient life living under the sysop has an interest in how it is run. I
imagine that such a community of SI's could determine the necessary levels
of resources to devote to running the sysop to make it strong enough to
defend against any attack. When an attack is detected, the sysop immediately
informs the rest of the community and the power of the entire community of
SI's is pooled to thwart the attack. That way the sysop is itself
distributed virtually and physically.

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