Re: Hardware Progress: $438/Gflop/s

From: Alfio Puglisi (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 04:56:15 MST

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Dani Eder wrote:

>Total $722/node
>$722 / (1.2 GHz * 1.375 Flop/Hz) = $438/Gflop/s

I just browsed Pricewatch, and I was able to put together a dual AMD
system for with $340/Gflop/s. The resulting node is not balanced (not
enough memory and storage space to match the GFlops), but is a
faster number cruncher with slightly more memory.

(from Pricewatch, shipping included, no sales tax)

Case: $ 42 Generic ATX with 400W power supply
Motherboard: 230 Tyan MPX dual-Athlon
CPU: 250 2xAthlon XP-1700
Memory: 488 4x512 DDR (2GB total)
Storage: 248 2x80G Eide
Networking: 100 4 NICs, wires, etc.

Total $1358/node

Based on your Flop/Hz ratio we have 2Gflop/s max for each XP-1700 (which
is actually 1.47Ghz).

$1358 / (2Gflops *2) =~ $340/Gflop/s

This estimate is based on the increase in Mhz alone. Factor in the new XP
core, the faster (DDR) memory, and it could be even better.

Alfio (ex-lurker, now lurking again :-)

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