Re: Sysop Scenario FAQ

From: Alan Grimes (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 20:27:07 MST

> > I tend to think of artificial beings in more of an artistic sense,
>> that
> > of creating a being to surpass me. Strong attractors, such as
> > "friendliness" are incompatable with this vision as they are
> > pathalogical... Just like "faith", strong attractors are _ALWAYS_
> > dangerous....

> I rather suspect the artistic integrity of Eli's vision is not
> especially important compared to the possibility of birthing
> a major Perversion.
> Just a thought :)
> Why is a strong attractor a bad thing? Substantiate this assertion
> Alan!

Simple enough: Vitality!

When you lock something into a pattern, even a very complex one!, you
take away a little bit of its ability to adapt to change.

Also, in a way very connected to faith, the pathology of a strong
attractor such as religeosity or heroin adiction is readily apparent...


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