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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (sentience@pobox.com)
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 20:06:04 MST


attached mail follows:

Extropy Institute cordially invites you to join its new Community forum at
Yahoo. <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExI-Community> This is a community
resource that is all about YOU! It is a self-service environment for YOU to
use for YOUR purposes. It is not merely intended to promote extropy,
Extropy Institute, or the memes of transhumanism. It is intended to promote
YOU and what YOU care about in transhumanism.

Do you want to let other transhumanists know who you are and how to contact
you? Fill out an entry in the Contact Database.

Do you want other transhumanists to know what you look like? Upload your
face picture into the Photo Album.

Do you want to have some intelligent conversation for a change? Go into the
chat room and talk in real-time to other transhumanists.

Are you looking for a job? Offering a job? Selling something? Need
volunteers? Need a roommate? Need a ride? Check out the want-ads, by
transhumanists for transhumanists.

Do you have recommendations for movies, books or events? Give a brief
review of it, and read how other transhumans review it.

Did you ever want to promote your personal website or your business to other
transhumanists, but felt it might be off-topic? Not anymore! Bookmark your
personal page. Bookmark your business offerings. Bookmark your

Promote yourself and your interests. Put your resume online where everyone
can find it. Put all your writings online and bookmark them here. Promote
your projects and ideas. Don't be shy. This forum is for YOU!

Ever wonder what other transhumanists think? Ever wonder if your ideas are
common among transhumanists or in the minority? Ever wonder how many of us
there are, who we are, and what we are like? Take a look at the community
polls! It sure would be interesting to see our various ages, our genders,
our incomes, our orientations, our marital statuses, our religious beliefs,
our political beliefs, and other demographic data. For the first time we
can get a picture of the community as a whole.

It also would be interested to compare notes. How many are signed up for
cryonics? How many take life-extending nutrients? How many practice
calorie restriction? When do we predict the singularity? Where do we
expect the next major breakthrough? Express your opinion and see what
everyone else thinks as well!

All polls will be anonymous, unscientific, and just for fun. If you have
any other questions you would like the community to answer, send me a note
and I'll add a poll. What's our favorite food? What's our favorite
computer? Our favorite TV show? How many of us own guns? How many used to
hold religious beliefs? Anything goes. Whatever you want to know, send me
a note and I'll add a poll. I will propose the wording in the discussion
area, and work with all the suggestions to get the wording right, make it a
fair question, and make sure we list all the possibilities. Then we'll poll
and find out what we always wanted to know.

We also have a calendar section. Tired of hearing about all our activities
after they happened? We are doing so much that nobody can keep up with it
all. Schedule all your gatherings and events so that everyone can see them.
Look and see what other transhumanists have scheduled. Don't let your
events go unnoticed anymore!

This will be the first forum that is actually about YOU and your community.
Online photos, files, links, databases, polls, calendars, and anything else
we can think up that we would like to have. No single organization or
website can keep up with all of us. Each of us need to contribute and
maintain our own information for the whole community to see. Anything we
should be sharing or doing together as a community should be promoted
through this forum. It won't replace any other forums, but will be a
stepping stone to help everybody meet everybody else.

If YOU aren't promoted at this site, don't blame me! I'm just the doorman
and your host. Once you get in, what you do in your community is up to you.
Please visit soon and participate whenever you can. Send any questions,
comments and especially suggestions to me at <mail@HarveyNewstrom.com>.

Harvey Newstrom, CISSP <www.HarveyNewstrom.com>
Principal Security Consultant, Newstaff Inc. <www.Newstaff.com>
Board of Directors, Extropy Institute <www.Extropy.org>
Cofounder, Pro-Act <www.ProgressAction.org>
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