Singularity as religion: good shell for public meme

From: Vlad Vul (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 04:05:02 MST

Hello sl4,

  Peoples likes faith. They has used it for milleniums to despite pain
  of death. The Singularity could take the minds and get a wide
  support if it will be presented as a kind of religion.

  The Singularity concept includes a lot of stuff from Christian
  religion. Did you ever noticed?
            End of World (Apocalipse), when the big upheaval will take a
            place, massive deaths, and the Last Buttle, when justman will
            survive for a sure.

            Ascension. The perishable flash will die, but soul will live
            forever in the world beyond. This time with full proof! Talk with
            pleased customers.

            The Heavens. Megarichness. Even an ever-virgin beauties from Muslim
            Heavens, if you like that things. No need to slaught planes

            Resurrection. The deads will araise, if they were frosen
            Do you want to become a God? There is probably no any god now, it is
            clear, becouse so unbearable, cruel things happens. So let the
            humankind be a true God themself.
            Get the Power! Become it!

  Peoples likes the faith, but science denies their need. Peoples
  trust the science, and loses the faith, but they still needs it.
  That's why various "science churches" are so popular.
  Singularity could take a place among them. This is good for
  Singularity as well as for it's congregation. That is the way to
  believe in science and religion at once.

  One more notice: believing in living as soul at heavens, people does
  not fear to lose "humanity". They are ready to leave their body and
  become a pure soul. So why to protest against uploading? There is
  some psychological trick here.

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