Re: 3rd Annual SL4 Ascetics-Hedonists Deathmatch

From: Hooky Sun (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 06:25:59 MST

Brian Phillips wrote:
>Until we have total voluntary control of our hormonal systems (or
>are post-corporeal) we must manipulate our bodies to function
>at optimum levels.

   I gather that one chess Grandmaster ran a school whose curriculum
included Phys Ed. Yes, I know, sex was not included, but well made is the
point: your paleolithic brain won't be bothered with things perceived as too
far afield or far off until "basics" are taken care of. It turned out the
students played better when in better shape and feeling better. The mind
can't tune out the body - or does so at risk.

> Psychology is far from an exact science (it might be argued it
>is far from even being a science, strictly speaking), but the
>affective and cognitive effects of abstinence at the highest
>levels of human functioning, where subtle value judgements
>and high-level abstracting occur frequently, these effects are
>not known to be favourable. What info we have suggests the
>opposite (though this is far from proven, it merely seems reasonable!)
> Obviously the historical rolemodels of monasticism may or
>may not be applicable.. but I'd like to inject a word or three
>of caution here.

   Thou hast heard of these new-fangled "Perl Monks" then?

> Sex is good for you. Have healthy servings occasionally.
>Even if 'love' is not involved. It helps male apes keep sane.

   However, the Flare core team aand the major players of the SI will, I
hope, get whatever they need, whatever floats their boat, since the fate of
the world rests on their shoulders ever so deceptively lightly.

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