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Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 14:29:37 MST

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<< I have done all the things you mention many times, except for using
 EP-Prime. >>

Maybe we should try to use it sometimes! It's very progressive at the


They were more interesting to me when I was in the range of 12-16, heh. But
I think its always good to wear clothes just a *little* bit off from everyone
else, to either make them uncomfortable a bit, or to admire you, or at least
notice the visual uniqueness that you convey. Wearing original clothing also
helps us to articulate our own personalities better, in effect making us
(better?) individuals.

<<As for "changing subcultures,"I have seen an awful lot of subcultures, from
"common criminals & junkies" to super-rich Wall Street traders, rock
musicians, used car dealers, scientists, artists,etc. etc. But these days I
seem to mostly keep to my certain group of renaissance-geek friends...>>

Great, that's the best type of life to live in my opinion. Yep, I mostly
keep to a small group nowadays too. That seems to be the equilibrium for

<<There are limits to what any one human can experience during their
lifetime while still devoting themselves to art, science and family; and
there are some experiences for which the danger outweighs the excitement and

True, but don't you like to make your recreational experiences to be as
novel/engaging as possible every time, within the bounds of danger?

<<Well, y'know, I don't watch TV, I read few magazines, (Scientific American),
I'm bored by spectator sports... but you're not going to convince me to push
*music* out of my life to increase my effectiveness in working toward the
Singularity. Sorry...>>

Great, I hope there are more Singularitarians like you. I'm assuming Eliezer
lives his life in this similar manner. The problem with concerts is that
they are too much like TV; no interactivity really, and little novelty. Plus
think of all that time you spend driving and waiting and paying and
etc...highly inefficent way to have fun in my opinion. Music is great, and I
endorse the most novel, intense, modern music as possible, and hope I always

<<> <<This doesn't mean I think that sex is worthless or morally wrong. I
> think sex is a great thing, for other people. >>
> Having sex just a few times was more than enough for me,
You mean *all total*, not per day, right???>>

Yes, total. First it was for physical, then emotional purposes, now I would
only do it purely for novelty or intensity of the experience. Too bad no one
meets the standards.

<<Hey, I know some girls who might be able to change your mind about

Mmm, I doubt it. I dislike compromising my standards due to instinct-based
mating desires. If anyone could find me a gf it would probably be you though

Sorry about the unstandard quoting, I hope italicizing makes it better...hope
to get the standard quoting thing going very soon...!

Michael Anissimov

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