META: Problems/Comments

Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 12:53:33 MST

Correct spelling, please. Spelling and grammar errors burn my eyes. Coining
*new* words of course is always acceptable and encouraged. =D

I seem to be having trouble getting standard quoting, amazingly...could
anyone recommend a nice email client to use? AOL is so horrible...

And; this is the *SL4* list, not the "SL2" list, not the "SL3 list". I don't
see why people on here are discussing whether uploading is good or
tell 'em Eliezer.

Many people seem to be perscribing to the view that mass memetic propagation
is inevitable and we should consciously engineer the meme that gets out into
the public. This is no small issue. We must accept that we can't control
this meme, and be ready to adapt to an environment where it could be somewhat
widespread. Widespread hate as well as less-wider-spread support, of course.
 I agree with the 3-1 ratio. When your really smart friend whom you trust
very much happens to be into transhumanism/the Singularity, its hard not to
be convinced or at least accepting. This will be happening a good amount.

Michael Anissimov

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