Re: Ethical basics

From: Hooky Sun (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 03:41:59 MST

Another metaphor might be the vinyl collector. Ve believes there is
something unique in the sound of analogue media, and enjoys the primitive
fun, the fun of primitivity...
   Until moving day when easily a truckload has to be hauled about.
Meanwhile I would be toting in one hand my hard disk with arguably the same
stuff written to it. If the whole of sentience comes to be hosted in a dense
medium, perhaps out of budgetary necessity, then we'll really have to
dispense with the record collection or else get the attendant thrill of
putting that needle on the record or unfurling that hyoooj triple gatefold
sleeve (hey I still have some records so I can relate) by another method.
   To hyperextend a metaphor: when my hearing is supplanted with better
senses/modalities and I can basically "read" the mp3's and mpc's (and the
compression artifacts inaudible to my former fleshy "atari" ears) will I
have to "emulate" those ears and the associated cortex to appreciate the
music? Frankly I think an earthworm is as apt to answer this as any human.

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