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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 20:33:23 MST

At 09:53 AM 1/27/02 +0800, Deacon (he of the Big DICK) wrote:

>(2) As acceptance of the idea expands, it will bring with it
>greater resources to pump into the idea. Right now, I don't
>see too much money being pumped into the Singularity.
>Just converting one medium-sized celebrity, and convincing them
>to endorse and sponser the work, would give ol' Eliezer plenty of
>resources to do what he wants... and Ben, too.

People here are speaking as if Ray Kurzweil doesn't exist on their planet.
His book THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR is even now groaning and laboring toward
birth. When it hits the book shelves, and Oprah, and all, we can expect
some noise.

People are also acting as if my book THE SPIKE doesn't exist. The trade
paperback will be out in a few days' time. It is far from a perfect
treatment of the topic, but it's moderately comprehensive and packed with
urls. Tell people about the bloody thing, get the ball rolling. If I
weren't stuck in Australia I'd be making more noise myself over there in
the centre of the universe. :)

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