Re: AI and Moore's Law redux

From: James Rogers (
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 19:50:06 MST

On 1/26/02 10:28 AM, "Alan Grimes" <> wrote:
> The function would be something like:
> [Memory required] = LOG_k([Total Knowlege])
> I can't say I know what K would be; It would likley depend on the design
> of the system employed.
> His proposal was based on a notion of "abstraction" where a higher-level
> abstractions would be specified, like FORTH words, by simpler
> abstractions. As these higer level abstractions would overlap to a great
> extent, the cost of additional abstractions would decrease as more base
> abstractions become available.
> In other words, for a linear increase in memory, an exponential increase
> in knowlege should be possible.

This isn't a new idea. What further investigation of the idea will show is
that a hell of a lot more memory will be required to make this useful for
real cognitive work. Furthermore, all this "other" memory required to do
useful things doesn't scale as nicely. There are interesting solutions to
this, but they are substantially more complicated in implementation than
what was described above.


-James Rogers

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