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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 02:51:48 MST

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<< Well, it would likely be of `true value' then, whatever you mean by that.

Singularity-promoting, directly or indirectly.

<<Perhaps that would work for a normative human. Last time I checked,
though, I was actively pursuing behavior that is non normative for

I despite the norm. But some characteristics of the opposite sex, or the
same sex for that matter have value independent of such norms. For example,
novelty and intelligence is nearly always good.

<<One thing that bugs me a bit in your reasoning is that you assume that
the Singularity is beyond a doubt the most important thing ever.>>

Yep, but getting to the Singularity is part of the Singularity, and getting
to the Singularity can be *very*, *very* fun. So eventually we can all ditch
our obsolete non-Singularitarian worldviews when the glory of the
Singularitarian path becomes more clear, rapturous, and fun. Of course I
could be wrong. What bugs you about this wordview, specifically?


Like what? No matter what you do, it will help bring about the Singularity
in some way. Microbes in an organic soup replicating have, in a very
fundamental sense, the same "purpose" as human beings and our thoughts - to
evolve, to proceed to the End. The "End" is the Singularity. Not in any
negative way of course. You might as well optimize your activities to
acheive the highest degree of Singularity-helpfulness now, because it will
only get funner and more progressive as time goes on, leaving our more
"mundane life" behind in the dust.


"Here and now" activities are essential to help acheive Singularity as well.

<<Lots of different skills are needed and in the end I
may provide some key bit of info to reach the Singularity safely.>>

Absolutely, but wouldn't you rather supply more key info rather than less?

the other hand, maybe I'm screwing everything up by keeping on with my
life without the Singularity on top of my goal system.>>

We'll see.

<<Well, I don't
know what's going to happen, so I do what I think is best for me and
hope that things turn out well for the universe, too.>>

The universe wants you to acheive Singularity, I think.

Note: If at the emergence of life, single-celled organisms happened to
arrange themselves in an order for rapid recursive self-improvement and
extreme cognitive speed, right off the bat, wouldn't that have been nice?
'We" would've had a Singularity billions of years ago. This would be
"skipping levels of progress" however. But since we're conscious, why can't
*we* at least *try* to acheive analogous "skipping"?

Michael Anissimov

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