Re: Ethical basics

From: ben goertzel (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 13:24:16 MST

> Besides, why worry about controlling your emotions in a Sysop- governed
> existence? You won't be allowed to come to harm, or be harmed by others,
> relax and enjoy those paralyzing waves of doubt and despair! Your
> post-singularity self might even savor those unpleasant feelings, the same
> some folks enjoy the taste of caviar or Limburger cheese. You'll be an
> Gourmet!

That's what I am!! an Emotion Gourmet!! Thanks for giving me a word for my
particular syndrome ;->

I remember reading a story once involving a god who had blocked most of his
mind out and become a finite being, because omniscience and omnipotence had
bored him. This is sort of similar to the idea that there is some kind of
intrinsic value in the fact that we *can't* rationally control our
emotions... (I'm not saying I believe this, just fleshing out the idea a
little bit...)

It may well be that a post-Singularity mind lacks feelings, and also lacks
the desire (a feeling) to have feelings in the sense that we do.... It may
not intuitively "get" why it ever cared about such things... (though it
would understand why intellectually). I hope it doesn't come out this way,
but it sure might... and if it does, then afterwards I won't mind, right?

Just as when a human was taken over to the Humanoid side in Jack
Williamson's classic novel, he couldn't afterwards comprehend *why the
Humanoids had ever seemed bad*...

-- ben g

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