RE: Ethical basics

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 21:37:11 MST

> >Why is altruism even a virtue?
> >What have others done to garner the results of my efforts?
> [Rand blah blah]
> Jerry, did your parents apply this creepy calculus to their
> expenditures
> when you were an infant?

Nope, for a full discussion on the parental responsibilities of a parent
from an objectivist view, I could refer you to a few newsgroups where this
is discussed. If it makes you feel better, Ill be paying back far more in
social security over my life then I ever received as a child, but honestly,
I would say my moral obligation to provide for my children stems from my
decision to make them with full understanding about what was required to
take care of them.

> How is it that you are asking these questions in a common
> human language?
> Invented it yourself entirely as `the results of your
> efforts'? Bought it
> off the shelf after you earned your first few hundred dollars?
> Damien Broderick

So I can say I'm the collection agent for the collective too then right?
Send your money via pay-pal or e-gold please. Ask yourself how governments
get that right to extract labor, time, and wealth from individuals. I'm sure
somewhere along this line of reasoning, Ill have to kneel to some god, the
majority, or a king.

This is the last message I'm going to send on this, because I think it's off
topic, but there were others pumping their philosophy, and everyone else
just seem to nod and either agree, or not want to buck the experts. If you
really care to have an opposing view mentioned and not have discussion
dominated by a single mode of thought, let me know, although I really do
believe in egoism and playing devil's advocate would be a stretch for me.

Jerry Mitchell

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