RE: Ethical basics

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 17:32:29 MST

>I think that if the Singularity is going to go down relatively smoothly
>Joe and Jane America, we have to be sure that our AI software, when it's at
>the stage of "scarily smart but not yet superhuman" is doing things that
>palpably for the good of humanity.
>-- ben g

Ive thought about this angle too. Im thinking the best route an AI could
take to interact with normal people, and gain their trust and confidence
will be through entertainment. Video games, interactive media, new forms of
entertainment to come... People already have to deal with primitive AI in
games now, the lines between the other players and the AI will become more
blurred and then fade away as it becomes a part of the community (the
digital community that is). Actually, game designers are dealing with game
AI every day, all day. Granted, its kinda a different beast, but still, its
a move in the right direction.

Jerry Mitchell

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