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From: Vlad Vul (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 03:59:04 MST

Hello Eliezer,

Thursday, January 24, 2002, 12:17:38 AM, you wrote:

This is M.Anissimov's words:
>> Look forward to Singularitarian ideas reaching far, far beyond the "core
>> audience of scientifically literate aggressive rationalists" in the very near
>> future. Instead of insisting that the meme be stapled down to its original
>> tiny group, (however rational and intelligent they may be) perhaps we should
>> be considering what variants would have the best net result in conditions of
>> imminent mass propagation.

ESY> As for trying to propagate the meme outwards, I've been trying to do that
ESY> for six years! And I've made some progress, although not as much progress

I think, wide propagating of Singularity is a mad and dangerous idea. The
most of people suffers the future shock, and they will fury to know
about a speed-up the progress. Then most of peoples, including govs,
will BELIEVE in Singularity, they will do ALL to stop it.

All we will get due to propagating is a huge backlash. If a doctor of
math Tadeush Kashinsky(Unabomber) and science director of Sun corp. Bill Joes (Why
future don't need us) dosn't like the idea of the end of humanity, why
do you think a mere people would not became your enemies?

Now nobody cares about Singularity becouse nobody knows about it. And
thoose who knows does't believe it in-heart, as we do. But then they will...
Do you want to be a more wanted than Bin Laden? :o)

So IMHO we need some sort of conspiracy, moving ahead, keeping a privy
knowledge in teeny group.

Best regards,

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