Re: Neural Nets vs. Neurons

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 08:59:49 MST

 A very fast,
> large (whatever) machine, is
> just that. Someone still needs to come up with code
> to run on it.

The code I have in mind is simply a simulation of
each neuron in sufficient detail to reproduce the
function of human neurons, repeated billions of times.

In slightly more detail, you would have a large
database listing each neuron. For each neuron,
you would list the connections to other neurons, and
some internal state data, like how far down the axon
action potential has gotten.

The main code then consists of taking incoming synapse
firings, updating the internal state of the neuron,
and propagating outgoing action potentials to the
downstream neurons, and repeating over all neurons.

You would have some additional code to handle growth
and pruning of synapses and entire neurons, and to
handle input and output.

My point in the previous message was if no clever
way to do AI is made to work first, then a brute
force simulation of the brain should work.


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