Steve Harris, "Return of the Krell Machine" (Singularity Article)

From: John Smart (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 02:35:34 MST

Hello SL4,

My friend Steve Harris wrote this interesting and educational article on the
singularity (among other topics) a few months back. I helped him with some
background research and a few ideas. I think it turned out quite nicely. I
don't share his suspicion that the emergence could be isolating (violates my
proposed principle of information integration), but that's for me to try to
prove, of course, and here he nicely explores a range of sci-fi archetypes
of non-Borgifying Transcensions. I think Damien and several others on this
list would enjoy it.

I referred it to Steve Coles (another transhumanist friend) who just posted
it on his Gerontology Research Group website, at:
An edited version will also be print published in The Skeptic later this

This essay will be posted to my site at some point as well. Feel free to
send any constructive feedback and critiques you might have to Steve at, and he'll continue to polish it.

PS: Our Conference on Accelerating Change (wherein we will discuss a variety
of singularity models and metrics) is now up to 31 registrants, and is
tentatively scheduled for late March 2003 in Los Angeles. If interested in
attending (in person or virtually), details are at my site below, under
"conferences". If you have any people, publications, or priorities to
suggest for the conference, feel free to email me at any time
(, or give me a call at my number below and let's


John Smart
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Understanding Accelerating Change

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