Re: Michael Anissimov's 'Shock Level Analysis'

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 17:58:49 MST

On Wednesday, January 16, 2002, at 06:54 PM, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

> that your literature tells people "We think rationality is good... try
> and
> make yourself more rational." You have to preserve the part of the

Ah, that's something that should be in the FAQ. I guess it has been so
long since I wasn't at least trying to think rationally (yeah, it's
taken a while, but I think I've gotten pretty close) that I forgot some
people might not realize it was a qualification for Singularitarians and
making the Singularity happen.

Also, I can't quite remember where I saw it just now (reading
Anissimov's site or one of these posts), but I liked the bit about
having to become someone else as you level up, because that really is
what it feels like. Sure, it may take months or years, but when you
look back, the person you were before is different. You've done just
about all the rough self reprogramming that humans can do to their
minds. Just interesting that to be a `real' Singularitarian you have to
improve your own code first.

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