Re: entropy and heat-death

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 10:37:11 MST wrote:

> > Unless the universe is open, in which case entropy will ultimately get you
> Sorry if this is a FAQ, but: what about Freeman Dyson's "Time without
> end" (see Have
> there been new developments in this area that I'm not aware of?
> Tony

"On the Maximal Quantity of Processed Information in the Physical Eschatological
Context" by Cirkovic and Radujkov (see ) gives as an aside one reason
why Dyson's scheme is untenable. (Btw, Cirkovic is a buddy of our own Nick
Bostrom, cf. "Cosmological Constant and the Final Anthropic Hypothesis" by
Cirkovic and Bostrom at .)

On the maximal information argument: it's quite likely that profound
differences in conclusion rest on the question of whether a Sakharov-styled
model of gravitation is more accurate than the geometric GR model (thus
rendering the implications of G less inherently limiting and potentially
implying problems with the assumption that the vacuum energy is unusable, cf.
Gibbons / Hawking, "no-hair" theorem, etc.)

Fun bits, happy New year to everyone!


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