Re: FRIVOLOUS: new name for Webmind perhaps needed

Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 15:18:45 MST

When I first saw your subject line, my Rohrshak-test reaction was "OverSoulâ„¢
". Avoid "Overmind" because its the creepy alien intelliegence that harvested
the earth's children, Pied Piper style (Childhood's End A.C. Clarke 1953).

Mind Assistant
Brain Leaper

Well, I will leave the product namings to the advertsing copywriters. You can
also call it Bluetooth, after all, that'll never come to fruition.

I'm afraid we may need to choose a new name for the new Webmind AI Engine,
since the rights to the name "Webmind" may be held by others than myself & my
team. Our current system is pretty different from the Webmind Inc. system
anyway, in terms of both software architecture and mathematics, though it's
of course very similar conceptually...
Anyone have any suggestions?
(These e-mail threads are always amusing ;)
-- ben>>

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