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Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 22:08:57 MST

Thanks Eli,

There are so few of us working on - or trying to work on - Real AI, that
right now we are more like Brothers in Arms struggling to do clear the way
for doing what see as the most important (and stimulating) work that we can

I've had am overwhelming response from just a few emails to emails and a few

I have no problem in sharing the database of people who want to work on Real
AI with Eli and Ben. I'm always looking for effective ways of collaborating
with other Real AI projects. In fact, there have been explorative talks...

Some day in the future we may become serious competitors to each other, but
right now the real opposition is lack of resources.


PS. I guess my ideal programmer description sounds much the same, except for
the non-profit part. - Any and all feedback welcome:

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That probably should have gone to Peter, not the list... no, it's not a
joke. There's no reason why the post shouldn't have gone to SL4. This is
a list for all Singularityfolk - technically, it has nothing to do with
SIAI at all; it's just one person's mailing list.

I'll admit that my first thought on seeing this was "Darn, he got there
first" - but on reflection, it isn't necessarily true that we're competing
for the same pool of programmers. SIAI's ideal programmer description
sounds something like this:

"Are you such an incredibly good programmer that you already have
basically as much money as you need, but you don't feel ready to give up
programming? Are you willing to work for a nonprofit at a small salary in
exchange for working on the coolest project in the entire history of
time? We need you! Or at least we'll need you once we have enough money
to hire a few people simultaneously, so you don't get stuck with an insane
amount of work. But we're collecting names."

>From our perspective, the hard part - or one of the hard parts - is
finding people like this who aren't already too settled down to move to
Atlanta. People who have already passed through their programmatic
apotheosis do sometimes tend to put down roots.

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