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Friends/ Futurist/ Thinkers,

I've started a new company tentatively called 'Adaptive Intelligence Inc'.
The aim of the company is to develop and commercialize an effective (and
probably also the first) general intelligence software engine. I have big
plans for the company!

At this stage I'm looking for staff, partners, and investors - as well as
any good technical or business advice.

Positions that I'm trying to fill right now include programmers (trainee,
medium, and high-level) who are keen to be involved - if not instrumental -
in engineering artificial cognition. Because this project covers totally new
territory, they don't need to have AI experience, but they do need to be
bright and highly motivated. Equity options, telecommuting, and part-time
employment are possible.

Investment opportunities cover a wide spectrum of possibilities. Business
plan details are available on request.

Please contact me if you know anyone potentially interested in joining the
team, or have any questions or suggestions. Feel free to pass this on, as
deemed appropriate.

Towards increased intelligence...

Peter Voss

(310) 822-4533 - Any and all feedback welcome:

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